Treats – Wiscasset


My wife and I discovered Treats on a day trip to visit Owls Head Lighthouse that found us in Wiscasset too early for lunch at Red’s but needing something to take off the niggling edge of hunger. Treats fit the bill.


It’s a specialty shop with fresh-baked goods made on site, fresh coffee, homemade soup, sandwiches, groceries, and a large selection of cheese and wine. Sue had a peach and poppy-seed scone, which she said was very good, and I chose the cinnamon roll. They warmed-up the roll for me and I must say that it was hands down the best cinnamon roll I can remember having, ever. It was lite and moist and sweet with just the right amount of cinnamon… so I’ll have to stop again and try something else.

It’s a good day when we find a new place we like off the beaten path. Treats is now on our list and if you’re passing through it’s worth stopping.

You can get more information about Treats at their website.

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