Androscoggin River Bike and Pedestrian Trail


If you’re ever near Brunswick Maine and want to stretch your legs this trail is the ticket. It begins near downtown Brunswick and meanders along the Androscoggin River for about 2.6 miles. Along the path you’ll find numerous stone benches where you can rest and enjoy the motion of the river and the many birds living there or passing through on migrations.

The path is shared with pedestrians and bicycles. If everyone behaves pedestrians can walk 2 abreast on their side and bikes can ride single file both directions without interfering with the walking folks. That said keep an eye out because not everyone pays attention and walkers often stray into the bike lanes. For a short distance the path parallels the Highway 1 freeway and there is one well marked property drive in this section to cross. I’ve never seen a vehicle on the drive but I always slow and check it closely if I’m on a bike.

2016-10-16t03_02_35_androscoggin-16A short distance from the water street parking lot you will find a large nicely fenced dog park called the Merrymeeting Dog Park, where your dog can run free and play with other dogs. It’s large enough to throw Frisbees and allow for some extended running. Information about the park can be found at the link I’ve provided to the Town of Brunswick Site.



This trail is part of the East Coast Greenway bike path. If you haven’t heard of it it’s a bike trail running from Maine to Florida. It already exists and is constantly being improved to provide more off road trails for improved safety and enjoyment. Click into the link and see what it’s all about.


The trail can be accessed from both ends. If you’re near downtown Brunswick find Water Street. It’s a short street that dead ends at the trail. There is a parking lot and a boat ramp for folks that want to go out on the river. If you have a GPS you can try 93 water street and that should get you to the parking lot.

If you’re out near Wal-Mart and Lowes, you can turn North on Old Bath Road and just past the bridge over the freeway you take a sharp left onto Grover Lane. You’ll find parking at the end of Grover Lane. If your using a GPS might try 15 Grover lane and it might get you to the parking. Unfortunately, Google Maps marks the center of the trail and there’s no way to drive to that location. I’ve put in a request to change that location.

If you want more information about Brunswick parks and trails check out the Brunswick Town Website.

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