Wolfe’s Neck Woods State Park

dsc_0555Wolfe’s Neck Woods State Park occupies 200 acres on a neck of land between the Harraseeket and Casco Bay. There are several trails through the woods and along the water. The park is home to a pair of Osprey who return each year to Googins Island to nest and raise their young. In the spring you can often watch them as they soar and hunt for fish. If you’re lucky you might see one of them drop from the sky, snag a fish and return to their nesting tree. It’s fast so keep your eyes on them if they’re fishing.

The park rangers often set up an observation scope to give visitors a closer view of the nest and will answer questions about the Osprey’s and the park.

Drive 5 miles from downtown Freeport and you’re there. Most of the trails are quite easy in the summer but in early spring they might be a bit muddy and in winter you might need snowshoes. Even if the snow is not deep enough for snowshoes the trails can be icy and you’ll want grippers on your boots to prevent a fall.

Hope the pictures give you some idea what you might see.

Check the state’s website for details about scheduled events, park hours, admission fees and such.

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