Moody’s Diner


We stopped at Moody’s one morning on our way to Bar Harbor. Like so many places, we’d passed by several times in the past but it was either too busy or not meal time for us.  The fare is traditional diner fare with an eastern twist.  They offer freshly baked pie to go with your breakfast of bacon, eggs, toast and hashbrowns.  No one would have ever suggested pie for breakfast where I grew up in Ohio and the answer would have been emphatically “NO” if I had asked… but now, well I’m just glad they asked. They have many other menu choices for folks with different preferences.

The service was good and the prices very reasonable. It’s a quick stop along Highway One near Waldoboro so you can probably get in and out in a reasonable time unless the parking lot’s packed. They’re open all year and you can check out their website here: Moody’s Diner.

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