Extreme High Tide



Yesterday at the South Freeport Town Wharf the tide peaked higher than most of us living nearby have ever witnessed. John Brewer, a marina owner keeping a watchful eye on his domain, told me he could only remember once, a very long time ago, seeing the water so high. The nor’easter was blowing 40 to 50 mph from the major storm hitting southern New England and the water found its way onto the road at the end of Main Street. I haven’t heard of any local damage, but the sight was something to remember.


Low Tide 1/31/18


High Tide 3/3/18 12:05 PM


High Tide 1/31/18

I’ve included pictures of the high and low tide January 31st, the first blue moon day of 2018, for comparison. The rest are from yesterday. Living here we take the tides for granted… except when we don’t.


Low Tide 1/31/18


High Tide 3/3/18 – The gangway actually slopes down to the Harbormasters shack


3/3/18 Tide encroaches on Main Street



4 thoughts on “Extreme High Tide

  1. Yikes! How frightening. Seeing comparison tides side-by-side is really cool. The High Tide 3/3/18 shot of the wharf with the Travelift gives me goosebumps! What a sensational tide.


    • Thanks Erika. I sometimes like to think of the effort required to carry a five gallon container of water a hundred feet. It’s not impossible but requires effort. I read an estimate that more than 100 billion metric tons of water flows in and out of the Bay of Fundy every 12 hours! The amount of energy required staggers the imagination. Even though the tides are a daily event I think they are truly awesome.


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