Nubble Light – Cape Neddick Lighthouse – York, Maine

When you travel you visit places of interest and great beauty both natural and man-made. Winter of 2016 we visited New Zealand and Australia. The trip was exciting and the things we saw were memorable and sometimes remarkable.  The people in both countries were welcoming and helpful. As we traveled it occurred to us that there was another travel opportunity for us right in our own back yard.

People come from all over the world to visit Maine and New England. Living here some things like a favorite café or a local park that’s a home to nesting pair of Ospreys we take for granted but might escape a visitor’s eye.  Others like Acadia National Park or the 8,000 islands off the Maine Coast become destinations we sometimes overlook. We convince ourselves it’s nearby and we can visit anytime… but somehow we don’t.

We’ve decided for a while to visit and share things nearby. This site will grow outward from our home in Freeport and we’ll share some of our favorite places in and around Maine and New England. Maybe it will give you some ideas as you pass through on your travels.