Snowy Morning in Freeport


Monday Morning 2.20/2018 – Freeport, Maine

Charlie Lopresti, our local meteorologist on WGME in Portland, told us this was going to happen but heck, we don’t always believe him. But Monday morning arrived with a load of wet snow and a reminder that winter still has a way to go. I went out and grabbed some photos suspecting this might change and even as I walked outside the sky started to clear. By late afternoon all this was gone and the melt was well underway.

I decided to try something new with this post. I created a short video with several images complete with music that, to me, had the same lite feeling of the day.  Take a peek and let me know if you like it.

Freeport Snow Video


4 thoughts on “Snowy Morning in Freeport

  1. Thanks for taking the time to make the video – loved it. We’re so pathetic here we’re complaining because it’s windy & “cold” at 49! But there is a freeze warning on so getting those last lemons off the trees.


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