The Geese are Back


A pair of Canadian Geese return each year to nest and raise their young on a small plot of land roped off by the town of Freeport. The nest lies next to a small pond to the west and the tidal Harraseeket river to the east near Falls Point. The spot they choose seems unlikely. South Freeport road runs between the pond  and the river and there’s a South Freeport Sewer pumping station less than one hundred feet from their nest. But no matter, for some reason they like the place. More than once I’ve had to slow and stop my car to allow the dutiful parents to shepherd their young ones from the pond across the road to the river. Even when road work or sewer maintenance is required people are careful not to disturb them. We like them.

For me the appearance of the hatchlings signals the full onset of spring and that’s a big deal here in Maine. Sometimes the winter hangs on until late April and sometimes, like this year, it rains so much you think it’s never going to stop. But the geese are back and the babies are quickly growing and I think that’s the sun I see this morning. It’s spring and summer can’t be far away.

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