Doubling Point Light

20170425_1839_Trip_Doubling_Point_LightSitting on a point marking a shallow rocky promontory and a sharp turn in the Kennebec River near Bath the Doubling Point Light is a short drive from several coastal Maine cities and towns. Established in 1898 as part of a set of four navigation aids on the river it is still in service as a navigation aid today.

It’s a small lighthouse, 23 feet off the water, at the end of a dirt road that winds through a forest and by a small pond before coming to an end at the lighthouse. There is very limited parking and take care on the dirt road because at certain points you could find it difficult for two cars to pass.

Once there you can walk out to the light but cannot enter the building.

You can see the Bath shipyards and the Maritime Museum across the river. There are no facilities or gift shop on the property. It is a peaceful location without the crowds you might find at other better known sites. If the light is good it presents some great photo opportunities.

Friends of the Doubling Point Light took over stewardship of the lighthouse in 1998 and have since raised money to make significant repairs to the foundation and restored the walkway to its original appearance. They can be found at




Bath Shipyards from the Point


Nearby towns: Freeport, Brunswick, Bath, Wiscasset

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