Harbor Fish – Portland

You can find Harbor Fish Market at 9 Custom House Wharf, a narrow street off Commercial Avenue in Portland, Maine. When you get there you’ll discover one of the oldest and best markets of its kind to be found anywhere.

The market dates from the 1800s and, through their wholesale business, provides fresh seafood for many of the best restaurants in Portland. Fishing boats unload to their back door so the catch is as fresh as you can get. Lobsters are immediately transferred to the “Lobster Pound”, several large tanks where seawater is circulated to support and nourish them until they are sold.

20170525_213901This is a family owned business. If you go there not sure what you might want one of the staff can help you. The family published a cookbook providing background on their business, information on how to handle and prepare fish, and about 90 pages or so of recipes. If you buy one of the cookbooks, and ask for a signed copy,  someone will search out and find one of the owner/authors to sign it for you.

The market has kept up with the times and has adapted to sustainability practices while still providing an amazing variety of seafood. They also are expanding their web presence and now offer on-line ordering and will ship fresh seafood to you just about anywhere you might be. You can find them at harborfish.com

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