The Freeport Cafe

dsc_0001This is our go to diner in Freeport. They open at 6:00 am and close at 8:00 pm and are open year round. They have a very friendly staff that do their best to get you seated and served

Freeport Cafe Favorite Breakfast

The Favorite

as quickly as possible.
The cafe has grown in popularity and you may find breakfast very busy.  Generally the earlier you arrive the better.  Particularly on the weekends.

The fare is classic diner with various breakfast lunch and dinner options and usually some specials written on the white board next to the cash register where you come in. They serve breakfast all day until closing so if you’re craving breakfast at 7:00 pm you can have it. I will usually have the “The Favorite” for breakfast which is two eggs, hash browns, two pieces of toast ( I usually get their rye bread toast ) and breakfast meat which I often vary from bacon, sausage, or kielbasa. The have bigger breakfasts, oatmeal, and various muffins to get you started. My wife often gets oatmeal or occasionally a waffle.


One thing not to be missed is their Clam Chowder by the cup or bowl. It’s simple but very tasty. We have also enjoyed the baked scallops, cafe club, and haddock sandwich. Their hamburger and fries are classic diner fare and are sometimes just the ticket. There is a turkey dinner on the menu that’s just like thanksgiving and you can get it all year round. I know they make a 10″ pizza but like most folks we tend to gravitate to the things we know and neither of us have given the pizza a try.




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